InstaTours Photoshoot Tours in Bali

InstaTours Photoshoot Tours in BaliInstaTours Photoshoot Tours in BaliInstaTours Photoshoot Tours in Bali

About Us


 Welcome to Insta Tours! Where we understand the value of getting the perfect picture at the perfect location while on your holiday getaway. Especially when you may only have a short amount of time in paradise. Why spend multiple days, money, and time traveling around to get those perfect shots, when you could sit back, relax, and let us take care of every aspect of the process for you?! 


Not only are our Tours fully customizable, allowing you to hand pick all the locations you would like to shoot at, but we also provide you with some of the best professional photographers in Bali. Giving you not only a very personal experience, but a comfortable and informative one as well. All at a fraction of the costs and effort of organizing and hiring a Photographer, Tour Guide, and Driver on your own.  


 Let us take your Holiday Tours AND Instagram game to the next level, with a Tour Guide, Professional Photographer, and Personal Driver, all in one! We'll bring you to the absolute BEST locations. Provide you with the most stunning photographs you could possibly receive (Far better than any smart phone could achieve), and compliment it all with professional, comfortable, and safe transportation to multiple locations all in one day. Oh yeah, and we'll even provide you with Professional Editing of your Photos for you!

What You Get


  • Fully Customizable Tours. You pick all your own locations or let us recommend the best for you!
  • Professional Photo Shoots at 3 to 6 locations around Bali! (Min 3 but will do as many as we can fit into 1 day!)
  • FREE Admission and Parking to every location.
  • Personal Driver and Tour Guide to take you around the island for the day.
  • Pick Up & Drop Off right at your Hotel or Villa, or any other location you would like. 
  • Professional Photographer for your own Private Photo Shoots at each location.
  • Unlimited High Quality, Professional Photos, from each shoot at each location. 
  • Edited photo from EACH Photo Shoot. (About 10 different Edited Photos.)
  • FREE Lunch at one of our favorite local hot spots. (We would like to share the local cuisine with you, but if you have a specific request for food, we will not hesitate to take you there instead.)
  • A posted Photo, Shout Out, and Tag from our Social Media Accounts.


Group Trips

We like to encourage our group trips in order to create the most exciting experience possible. Of course you will be out there getting amazing shots, but we want you to remember that you are also seeing some amazing cultural spots as well! And what better way to experience travel than with friends?!Not to mention we offer discounted rates for groups of multiple people as well! ;)


Solo & Couples Trips

Of course, we also understand the liberating feeling of solo travel. There really is nothing else like it! Or maybe you're with your significant other and just more comfortable doing your photo shoots alone, or perhaps you just really want to take your time at each spot. Whatever the case may be, we offer Solo and Couples Trips to give you that private experience you so desire.